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Brunch Board

Brunch Board

This is more of a concept then an actual recipe. Use ingredients you like and present them on your largest wooden cutting board for an easy and delicious brunch smorgasbord. Serve with coffee, Mimosas and Bloody Mary's on a relaxing weekend morning.
  •  Bacon, cooked crispy
  •  Goat cheese, room temperature
  •  Grapes
  •  Peaches, cut in half
  •  artisian bread, sliced
  •  Unicoi Preserves Salted Caramel Peach Spread
  •  Unicioi Preserves Strawberry Vanilla Spread
  •  Unicoi Preserves Vineyard Spread
  •  Sliced grilled sausage
  •  Hard boiled eggs
  •  Other seasonal fruit
  •  Cheese of your choice
  •  Roasted pecans or almonds
  1. Assemble your ingredients on your largest cutting board and arrange them to look pretty. Put out serving utensils, plates and napkins and encourage people to help themselves. Enjoy coffee, conversation and a morning cocktail outside on the deck without fussing around in the kitchen.
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