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Serenity Cellars First Year Anniversary

Spring is here, the season of rebirth. Watching the forest change, with ferns coming back and trees greenery filling in is always awe-inspiring. This spring, we are especially thankful our grass seed has taken off. The cycle of rain and snow resulted in a red clay backyard and three unhappy greyhounds. But, like I said, Spring is Here and we started celebrating

May 24th we celebrated the first anniversary of Serenity Cellars with Joe and Tina Smith. Driving down the hill to the winery, you are transported from White County, Georgia to Tuscany. Walking into the tasting room and being greeted by its old world charm puts you in a different frame of mind.  One of our favorite ways to spend the day is drinking a bottle of Traminette and listening to local musicians on the piazza. We are blessed to live in an area filled with great musicians and Joe had a full day scheduled to include Jeremiah Osterman, Teddy Baker and Tom Connor.

Their piazza is set up with comfy wrought iron chairs, tables and umbrellas that are surrounded by showy roses and landscaping. Looking over the vineyard at Mount Yonah, you realize that the vision Joe and Tina had to put the winery in that particular spot was absolutely right.

We set our EZ-Up up early in the day, and brought along some new pairings to highlight the flavors of our spreads. The weather was ideal for being outside, sunny with an occasional breeze but nothing as brisk as to make us worry about staking down the tent.

So many friends were there to celebrate the anniversary, such is the close-knit community we live in. The late afternoon speech by local folk legend Harold Bryson made everyone feel the love that we all have for Serenity Cellars and Joe and Tina. We are happy for their success and wish them all the best.