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Below the Gnat Line - Part 1

This upcoming December, we will celebrate six years as full time residents of White county. Our lives are very active and it seems there’s always something going on here, so we don’t go back to visit friends and family very often in south Georgia. This past weekend was my thirtieth high school reunion so I made the trek south to Albany.

On the way down, I stopped on the square in Covington, Georgia and delivered some of our spreads to the Cork Boutique and Gifts. Such a beautiful shop, filled with gourmet foods, gifts and wine. They were getting ready for a tasting with a large group and the weather was starting to change for the worse, so after spending a little time there, I was soon on the road heading south, courtesy of Apple Maps.

You may not know this, but despite being in the transportation business forever, I am directionally challenged. Having Apple Maps on the iPhone is really great because it talks to me and gives me turn by turn directions. And, if something happens and I miss a turn, it will reroute me. Brilliant!

Heading south of Covington, I was enjoying the two lane country roads when the weather got really, really bad. It was raining so hard that the wipers couldn’t keep up and I was thankful to be on a country road instead of I-75. I slowed down my speed and continued, weather breaking occasionally. As I was traveling and getting close to Gray, Georgia, the rain slowed, and the wind was weird, kind of swirling. I looked to the right in the direction I was traveling and I started to see clouds drop down towards the ground. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so scared on the road but I turned down the radio and just started praying out loud, put my hazard lights on and accelerated into the left lane. The car I had been following had slowed down, but I was not planning on sticking around to get sucked up by a tornado. Thankfully, I made it past the storm area and was soon on I-75 heading south.

I was pretty rattled at that point but as I headed south and the weather cleared, I was soon at exit 99 for Albany. I have never been a person who forgets to eat, but I did realize I had not stopped for lunch and it was actually approaching the dinner hour, so as I came up on Striplings, I knew exactly what I was having for dinner.

                       Sausage Dog & Phickles Wedgies

When Clark and I would travel from Albany to Sautee, we would always stop at Striplings for a sausage dog, chips and a drink. We did it so often for so many weeks in a row, we called it our Friday night date. I was a little lonely eating my sausage dog by myself (Clark was at home dog wrangling and didn’t make the trip south) but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I finally made it to Albany and arrived at Ashley and Frank’s beautiful home where I was greeted by a terribly happy Kelsey and Mason. I always joke that I never stay anywhere that doesn’t have a resident greyhound and once again, this proved true, and times two!

                 I’m a big boy but I don’t like the thunder-boomers!

Friday night’s get together at Austin’s Firegrill was a nice reconnection with so many familiar faces. We all agreed, we all look better now then we did in high school. After the get together started breaking up, I headed back over to Ashley & Frank’s. Apparently, the bad weather had followed me south and we had a pretty big thunderstorm. Poor Mason was really stressed out, he has a true storm phobia. I know he was glad to have us there and for the chatter to distract him, but I really felt bad for him.

We stayed up later then any of us usually do and enjoyed some cocktails. I was quite surprised to roll over Saturday morning at 8 o’clock — the Fox alarm never allows such luxury at home!

Stayed tuned for part II…