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Below the Gnat Line - Part 2

Have you ever noticed that it takes forever for the second in a series of books or movies to come out? Well, suffice it to say, sometimes blog posts are the same way.

My last blog entry found me back in my hometown of Albany, in south Georgia, for my high school reunion (now’s the time to refer back to that post in case you missed it.)

After a good night’s sleep at Ashley & Frank’s home, a healthy, home-cooked breakfast & coffee, I was out into the world to reconnect with friends and family throughout the area.

My first stop of the day was to visit my beautiful friend Anissa. It was an exciting day for Anissa and her husband Mark, as they were filming a new tv commercial at their office in downtown Albany. They’ve done extensive renovations to bring an older home back to its glory.

                                You should see the inside!
After visiting for a bit, meeting their staff and vowing to not let so much time go by without reconnecting, I left. As I was leaving, I drove around the block and went back. I had forgotten to take a picture with Anissa, so I parked, went in and we had a fun time hamming it up in front of their office
                      In 9 out of 10 photos, I will have my eyes closed.

Next on the agenda was a trip out to Lee county to see Tiffanie, Vonnie and Cadence. They had sold their home in town and moved further out to a great new home in the country with access to the creek
 So quiet and peaceful. Driving out to their home on all the roads we used to ride road bikes on together, I had so many memories of times spent there and wished I had my bike with me. Next time!
I could take a similar picture in our garage. We actually have that same rack


Third stop of the day was to see my sis-in-law and family. They are such a high energy bunch with so many things going on, so I was glad I could pop in and visit.

At that point, I was running out of time but being the optimist that I am, went back and picked up Ashley and Frank and headed out to Arlington to StillPond Vineyard. In total bad form, we arrived at their tasting room about 15 minutes before closing time. The ladies in the tasting room were still very gracious and we did a tasting and bought some wine to bring home

                        The distillery is new and the still is gorgeous!

                       Frank & Ashley humoring me in the hot, bright sun

By now, I was out of time for visiting friends and actually late to my reunion. Whoops! However, as perfect timing would have it, I may have missed the initial showing of old pictures from high school, but I was just in time for dinner. It was a great southern spread that included fried chicken and sweet tea. Two of our high school teachers were there as well as the assistant principal Commodore Conyers. He would always call school assemblies to order by saying “Young people, young people!” and he gave us all a thrill when he walked up to the podium that night and addressed us that same way. Good memories for certain.

Sunday morning my internal Fox alarm went off early, so I said my good-byes to Frank and Ashley and headed north. Knowing I’d be driving right through the Atlanta area, I didn’t want to miss a chance to visit with my favorite sister, so I called her in route and we had a good visit  over lunch.

I had no more stops in mind, I was ready to get home to my family. Came home and discovered Clark and the greyhounds enjoying some outdoor time brewing beer.

                            Bonnie & Colbie supervising Clark 

It was a whirlwind of a weekend. I can’t wait to do it all again. Soon