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Winefest at Habersham Winery

Saturday, May 3rd was our product debut at Habersham Winery.

There were a few details that had to happen that were outside our direct control, so the week leading up to WineFest, Clark & I were both feeling a bit concerned. However, lady luck smiled upon us as she so often has, and we had jars of our spreads to sample and sell that even had labels on them.

Speaking of labels, the beautiful graphic design and consistent branding our company has is the work of my sister, Betsy Lescosky.  We are a truly honored to have her work and input. Yay Betsy!

Habersham Winery has been very kind to us and has supported our venture from the beginning. They listened to our ideas for products and were willing to taste test multiple batches through the winter months to help us dial in the flavors we were after.

Getting ready for WineFest, Clark purchased an EZ-Up and we put it up in our driveway to make sure we/me understood how it worked (Clark knows how to do most everything).  We basically set up everything we would need to sample and sell and made a list. Then, looked at it, made some changes, and added to the list.

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about the whole EZ-Up thing, but transitioning from a City Person to a Mountain Woman, I can handle putting up a tent that is called EZ

Emily DeFoor at Habersham Winery set us up for success, though and we didn’t even need the EZ-Up. We set up inside the winery’s tank room, and the thing that was only a little bit of a challenge was getting our 8 ft. banner stretched out and hung straight enough to pass the winemaker’s critical eye. However, Andrew deemed it “Good Enough” and we were open for business.

The day started out with a big surprise. Clark’s parents had driven up from South Georgia to be there in support of us. Clark’s mom is very supportive and loving but was quick to tell Clark and anyone else who would listen that he needed to get rid of that beard. Many of our friends came out in support of us (and of course to drink wine from the 15 wineries that were there) and it was an emotional day to see how many people really liked what we cooked.

Its a true compliment to a person that cooks when someone likes your food. We left Habersham Winery very humbled and appreciative of so much kindness shown to get us off the ground.