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A Piece of Serenity at The Cottage

One of the many things I love about living in White county is the sense of community that we have here. A community that works together, supports each other and understands the big picture of working together to make a better place to visit and live. A small community where you see familiar faces at the post office and grocery store and have people hold the door for you, look at you, speak to you, let you out in traffic. Its our mountain version of Mayberry, but with world-class wines, bountiful fruit and vegetables and a network of talented musicians.

When there was a tragic fire in downtown Clarkesville that resulted in downtown businesses and employees losing their income, possessions and livelihoods,  both White county and Habersham county residents and businesses pulled together and put together fund raisers to help them not only gain some income but to show support and empathy for the loss they had suffered.

The wineries and tasting rooms here on the Unicoi Wine Trail collaborate and work together and we were very excited to participate in an evening at The Cottage Vineyard and Winery. Serenity Cellars joined them and together, The Cottage Vineyard & Winery and Serenity Cellars each had 5 wines set up for tasting on the hillside.

If you have not been to The Cottage, you should put them on your list. Not only are the views spectacular, their hospitality is second to none, the wines they are making are top notch and their tasting room was just voted Best in White County. Go there!

Wonderful live music from Teddy Baker, fabulous and beautiful food from Cindy Gibson of Garden Gate Catering, diverse wines and my famous jelly roll cakes made for a perfect evening