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ZipNTime Adventure

ZipNTime Adventure

We live and work in a vacation destination but often lose sight of that and sometimes work more then we play. Last week, we changed that and kicked off the start of a fun weekend by going zip lining at ZipNTime with our friends from Habersham Winery.
I was apprehensive about going at first and didn’t mention being invited to Clark right away because I knew he would want to go. The more I thought about it, though, the more I knew it was silly to be afraid. It’s healthy to have respect for dangerous things but ZipNTime is a professionally built and maintained venue, not some third world set up built in banana trees.

Afterwards, we headed outside to get geared up with harnesses and safety equipment.

The staff was very friendly and helpful explaining things  and helping us get into our harnesses.
After some laughs and lots of pictures, we loaded up into the military transport vehicle and headed out on to the course.

As we prepared to zip, I thought, don’t live in fear, go for it! Taking the step off the platform was not easy and as I was zooming through the sky to the next platform, there might have been some screaming heard throughout the Sautee Valley.

Mountain laurel are in full bloom, the ferns have come in thickly and the trees have shed their winter drab brown clothes for fresh, lush green ones.

The very last zip line of the day is the longest dual zip line in Georgia. Clark and I got to race on that and I won.  It didn’t hurt that I had a head start and jumped off before him. Ha!
When we got to the last platform, the sun was setting and there were deer on the ground looking up at us. A truly magical scene on a fun Thursday evening!
Thank you Emily for including us and to Danny and the staff at ZipNTime for hosting us. We had a fantastic adventure and you have a first class staff and operation. I will not be fearful the next time we come a zippin’!