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Unicoi Wine Festival - Staying Local in Sautee

Unicoi Wine Festival - Staying Local in Sautee

November 1st was the second annual Unicoi Wine Fest at the newly opened Georgia historic site, Hardman Farm. The Sautee Valley has such pastoral scenery that some days I’ll be driving by Hardman Farm and see the Nacoochee Valley Indian Mound and just pull over and get out of my car to take it all in. Its no wonder that the Indian Mound is the second most photographed thing in the state of Georgia (number one is Stone Mountain)

Clark and I have been looking forward to vending at the event at Hardman Farm since it was announced by the White County Chamber of Commerce. A wine festival featuring all our favorite wines from the Unicoi Wine Trail that’s close to home? Sign us up!

Knowing what an energetic and organized staff we have at our Chamber, we knew the festival would come off without a hitch. The one down side to the event was the unseasonable blast of cold air that came in Friday. But, there’s no way for anyone to ever predict the weather when planning an outside event, whether its held in April or November. The volunteers rallied together and the staff of Mountain Valley Community Bank even came around with hot coffee and donuts for us while we were setting up.

Several years ago we were still living in south Georgia but were up at Brasstown Bald for the Tour de Georgia bicycle race, an event that was held in April, and the sunny weather soon disappeared and a cold front moved in, with snow and wind. Thinking I could buy something warm, we went down the mountain and into Hiawassee but all they had out in stores were summer clothes! A lady in one of the stores told me “Honey, the weather changes fast up here in these mountains!”  That advice has stuck with me over 8 years now and I usually do have a hoodie tucked away if we’re heading north, regardless of the weather when we leave the house.

But back to the Unicoi Wine Festival!

We were fortunate to have the zippered sides up on our EZ-Up and be facing south, with the wind coming from the north, so we got the warm rays of the sun and by the end of the day had gathered a nice party of people warming themselves in our tent and enjoying their wine and Unicoi Preserves samples together.

Our friend Sarah had stopped by to see us and not only helped with some customers but also restocked some spreads for us and gave the greyhounds an afternoon let out for us. We get by with a lot of help from our friends.

We are looking forward to next year’s Unicoi Wine Festival and hope that you will come and tour Hardman Farm and the Unicoi Wine Trail soon.