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The Spicy Elvis

The Spicy Elvis

Elvis would have turned 80 this past week so I created a sandwich in his honor using our Georgia Apple Cider Pepper Spread.

Unicoi Preserves Apple Cider Pepper Spread
Peanut Butter
Softened Butter

Pre-heat your pan (this is my favorite for such cookery) on medium and assemble your sandwich.

Not reinventing the wheel here, you know how to make a sandwich after all! Here’s how you make The Spicy Elvis.

Spread peanut butter on one side of the bread, top peanut butter with sliced banana.
On the other slice of bread, spread the Apple Cider Pepper Spread.
Put the two pieces of bread together and generously spread softened butter on the top side.

Put the sandwich, butter side down, in your pre-heated pan.

After you put the sandwich in the pan, butter the top piece of bread.

I kept the heat medium-low when I griddled it and recommend you do the same.
Nobody wants to eat a hunk-a-hunk-a burned up sandwich.
Burned sandwiches made Elvis sad.

Keep an eye on it and flip your Elvis when it when its toasty. When both sides are golden brown and toasty, take it out of the pan, cut in half diagonally and serve with potato chips.

This sandwich could be further Elvis-ized by adding some crispy slices of bacon to it. I was crunched for time when I made this sandwich but think the addition of bacon would make The King happy.

Thank ya. Thank ya very much!