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Cheese Pairings

Cheese Pairings


 Cheese pairings with our locally sourced jams is something we love to share with friends, so when we were invited to be a part of the filming of Appetites and Anglers   at Stonewall Creek Vineyards, we stopped by Ingles Markets on the way for supplies.

We started in the produce area and picked up some juicy grapes. Next up was our crunch element, so we got a scoop of almonds from the bulk section en route to bakery for a baked-in-store fresh, whole wheat baguette. Cheese, glorious cheese, was next.

Ingles has an extensive specialty cheese section and their buyers source cheese from all over the world, so we had a lot of choices.

Clark and I each picked three cheeses and this is how we paired them with our spreads


Chaumes with Salted Caramel Peach. Get this cheese, soft, smooth and nutty, you won’t regret this choice.

Satori Balsamic Bellavitano and Oscar Wilde Vintage Irish Cheddar with Strawberry Vanilla Spread. YUM. Strawberry Vanilla is fantastic and versatile.

BelGioioso Sharp Provolone with Apple Cider Pepper Spread.  A crowd favorite!

Landana Milk Goat Cheese with Vineyard Fire. Mild goat cheese is a nice choice for a crowd

Supreme Creamy Soft Ripened Cheese with Vineyard Spread. Rich and satisifying

We also enjoyed Applegate Uncured Genoa Salami as part of our cheese plates.

I challenge you to try a new cheese, share it with friends and pair it with Unicoi Preserves. Let me know what pairing you create.