Yes, we can!

Yes, we can!

Clark & I are often asked how we got into the jelly business.  joshpeachjam

Living in a rural mountain community, we’re surrounded by farms and joined a CSA pretty early on. Minimizing our carbon footprint and reducing food miles is important to us. We started freezer preserving tomatoes the first year. We roasted lots and lots of delicious, locally grown heirloom tomatoes, froze them,  and enjoyed them through the winter months.

Reading nutrition labels on different jarred products we bought seemed more like lab experiments than food, full of ingredients that were hard to pronounce. At the encouragement of my sister, Betsy, a long time canner, artist and just genuine crafty person,  we started putting food in jars.


We started out slow, using what we’d pick up at farmers markets, making jam and  jelly, then pickling vegetables. Eventually, it was apparent we had a lot more food in jars then we could eat, so we started selling our canned goods at local farmers markets.  We had a loyal following with our original home recipes and a business was born.

Cooking with what grows in our mountain region is important to us and we have cooked up a new recipe from local fruit that we’ll be revealing soon. I can’t wait for you to try it.


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