Puff the Magic Pastry

Puff the Magic Pastry

My secret recipe for easy entertaining is puff pastry. With puff pastry in your freezer and our jelly in your pantry, you’re ready for summer fun.

For best results:

  • Thaw puff pastry according to package directions
  • Bake on parchment paper or Silpat
  • Preheat oven
  • Refrigerate the appetizers if the pastry gets soft. Cold Pastry + Hot Oven = PUFF!

Here’s 5 fast recipes that will look like your friend Ina Garten just stopped by and dropped off appetizers for your party.

  1. Jelly Twists  I used Vineyard Spread and substituted goat cheese for the chocolate in this recipe
  2. Pepper Jelly Palmiers Try our Apple Cider Pepper Spread or Vineyard Fire
  3. Pinwheel Cookies Let your imagination guide your jelly filled fingers
  4. Festive Jelly Bows Pick your favorite flavor, I like Vineyard Spread for this pretty recipe
  5. Jam & Ricotta Pastry Salted Caramel Peach loves creamy ricotta cheese

Happy Puffing!


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