Introducing Strawberry Vanilla Spread

strawberry vanilla spread

Introducing Strawberry Vanilla Spread

We are excited to present our newest flavor, Strawberry Vanilla Spread.  Suzy & I have been working on getting the recipe dialed in, and trying to keep it under wraps.  Fortunately, we have a great group of friends that we can bounce flavor ideas off of and trust them to keep whatever we share with them a secret until we are ready to reveal it.

I personally lobbied for this to be our next release because I have fond memories of Strawberry Preserves as a child.  They were my condiment of choice growing up.  My sister loved grape jelly, but I always reached for the jar of strawberry when making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or looking for something to spread on my morning toast.  My Dad owned a tire store and every year at Christmas, he would order gift boxes to give to his customers.  Inside of each gift box were two stoneware crocks.  One was filled with a cheddar cheese spread, the other with a delicious Strawberry Jam.  I always secretly hoped he would have one or two left over that he would bring home for us to enjoy.  My Mom was always conscious of what we ate, and most things with processed sugars were off limits.  Cheerios were an approved cereal choice, but I knew better than to ask for Froot Loops or Cocoa Puffs.  Somehow, jelly and jam were not considered evil, so there was usually a jar in the fridge.  Mom approved of this recipe on a recent visit, as a matter of fact.  Like all of our products, it is naturally low in sugar, and like our Salted Caramel Peach recipe, fruit is the first ingredient.


I wanted to pay homage to these fond childhood memories, but with our own spin on it.  So, the flavor is at once familiar, yet different.  There are vibrant notes of strawberry right off the bat and then notes of rich vanilla finish on your palate.  I’ve had a really hard time actually putting it on anything.  I seem to just keep sticking my empty spoon back in the jar for another quick taste, but it pairs well with your morning toast, lunch time peanut butter and jelly sandwich and your evening appetizer board with a nice aged cheddar.  We would love to hear your feedback on our newest addition to the family, so leave us a comment and help us spread the word!

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  • steve
    Posted at 19:08h, 27 May

    looking forward to trying it!
    Steve McQuade